Hackford Road, London

In 1873-1874, a 20-year-old Vincent van Gogh lived at 87 Hackford Road in Stockwell, London. During his long walks through the city and visits to cultural landmarks and galleries, Van Gogh became deeply inspired by British culture, artists, and writers. It was also here in London that Van Gogh fell in love for the first time with Eugenie Loyer, the 19 year old-daughter of his widowed landlady, Mrs. Ursula Loyer. Though this love was unrequited, Van Gogh’s time at Hackford Road is said to be some of the happiest of his life.

Opening in March 2019 after a major conservation project, The Van Gogh House London is conceived as an evolving opportunity to support emerging artists to make a living from their work in their life time - something Van Gogh himself was never able achieve. The house will offer artist residencies and exhibition opportunities in collaboration with the nearby San Mei Gallery. It will also open to the public for guided tours and a series of ticketed talks and performances. Together, the house and the gallery are the face of an ongoing venture to establish a cultural partnership between China and the UK rooted in the arts and education. The Van Gogh House London hopes to inspire artists, Londoners and visitors alike to share in Van Gogh’s London legacy.

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