Discover places where Vincent used to live and work in this guided walk in Petit-Wasmes, where Vincent van Gogh worked as an evangelist among the miners of the Borinage in 1879. The comments will be illustrated by the letters Vincent wrote to his brother Theo. Equipment: good walking shoes. Mandatory reservation.

Guided walks

Guided loop walk through the paths and alleys of Petit-Wasmes, along the places of life and work of Vincent Van Gogh, when he worked as an evangelist in the Protestant community of the entity between January and July 1879.

The guide's comments will be illustrated by the wonderful letters Vincent sent to his brother Theo. These letters will literally immerse you in the living and working conditions of the miners and their families at the end of the 19th century. Other topics will be the origin of coal mining in the Borinage, industrial archeology and local folklore

The walk of July 28 is longer: 12 km. The route is extended to Dour through the Bois de Colfontaine and the Bois de Saint-Ghislain. In addition, we will climb some slag heaps whose summits offer magnificent panoramic views of the Borinage region.

During the walk, stops are planned at the Van Gogh House in which Vincent was welcomed by the family of Jean-Baptiste Denis (farmer), the "Salon du Bébé" where he organized Bible readings, the Van Gogh buste by Ossip Zadkine, and the impressive Marcasse colliery where Vincent descended to 700 meters deep in the mine.

For the walk of July 28, additional stops will be included in front of the Sauwartan pithead and the People’s House of Dour, two remarkable protected buildings.

To combine the effort and the comfort, you will have the opportunity to taste some local delights, like the famous "pagnon borain" with a good cup of coffee and the local beers "La Marcasse" (blond and brown) or "Nuit Etoilée" "(amber). All this obviously with a lot of wisdom and moderation!

In practice
Saturday 31 March and Sunday 23 September 2018: 6km - duration: 3.5 hours / Departure: 9.30 am - arrival: 1 pm
Price: 12 € per person (included in the price: entrance fees to Maison Van Gogh and Marcasse colliery, and a piece of pagnon with coffee)

Saturday 28 July 2018: 12 km - duration: 6.5 hours / Departure: 9.30 am - arrival: 4 pm

Price: 15 € per person (included in the price: entrance fees to Maison Van Gogh and Marcasse colliery, and a piece of pagnon with coffee) / Bring your picnic (or possibility to buy sandwiches Dour).

Van Gogh House, Rue Wilson 221 at 7340 Colfontaine (Belgium) at 9.30 am.

Good walking shoes.

Recovering after the walk
If you want to end the day around a good table, the guide will tell you the best addresses in the area!


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