In addition to Van Gogh paintings and letters, now 39 Van Gogh Monuments in Brabant

No fewer than 39 locations in Brabant recently received the official status of Van Gogh Monument. Nine communities, three heritage organisations, the Province of Noord-Brabant and Van Gogh Brabant signed the Van Gogh Monument Covenant. By signing, the communities involved have declared the intention of implementing the safe-keeping of the Van Gogh Monuments for future generations with the immediate stakeholders.

A group of experts under the guidance of Het Noordbrabants Museum and with support from the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, has been working to develop the criteria for Van Gogh Monuments. Based on this, an inventory of the most precious Van Gogh heritage in Brabant has been made, and 39 monuments have been selected. The signing of the covenant forms part of an approach over many years by the province, in which Van Gogh remains an icon associated with Brabant.

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